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Info About Our Cleaning Services

Dry Cleaning

On site professional dry cleaning and shirt service.

Tips for Drycleaning

  • Please, please do not cut care labels out of garments or bedding. This is the only way we know how to handle your items.
  • Got a stain at dinner ?  Blot the stain with cold water. Do not rub ! This dilutes the stain to make it easier for us to remove Just blot !
  • Please inform us at drop off of any stains on garments and what they are.
  • Human urine, feces, blood and vomit are all health hazards and we should be informed immediately at drop off.
  • Pet accidents are not a health hazard, but we need to be informed at drop off so we can treat & deodorize during cleaning.
  • We may ask you to sign a release for garments with trim, such as pearl’s, beads, sequins and leather or imitation leather trim. Some garment manufacturers do not test trim to insure it can be dry cleaned safely.
  • Please pick up your dry cleaning in a timely manner. Washington state limits dry cleaners liability to 30 days from the date you drop off.

Drop-off Laundry

Fast drop-off laundry service.

DIY Coin Laundry

 Large capacity washers and dryers for DIY laundry customers.

Pillow & Comforter Cleaning

 Down pillows and comforters cleaned and deodorized

Curtain & Drape Cleaning

 Curtains and draperies cleaned and hand pleated

Garment Repairs & Alterations

Garment repairs and alterations available

Area Rugs

Area rugs professionally cleaned and deodorized.

Hours & Directions


  • Monday 7AM – 7PM
  • Tuesday 7AM – 7PM
  • Wednesday 7AM – 7PM
  • Thursday 7AM – 7PM
  • Friday 7AM – 7PM
  • Saturday 8AM – 7PM
  • Sunday 10AM – 4PM


1010 Lakeway Drive,
Bellingham, WA, 98229

Next to Whole Foods & across the street from Lakeway Fred Meyers.

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